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Sharon Bain, LCSW

family and child couselor - family psychology of south bend


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Meet Sharon Bain, LCSW

Sharon Bain, LCSW specializes in working with women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, family conflicts and relationship issues. A large part of her practice is also dedicated to family therapy where she is especially known for working with parents of preschoolers. She earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago and her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. After several years providing intensive outpatient treatment for women with depression, she re-specialized in the area of children and families while working at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Sharon Bain is now the Parent Resource Specialist and Consultant at Early Childhood Development Center of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s and limits her private practice to three days a week. She is a married mother of three children. You can contact Sharon at 574-280-8199 ext. 3 .

Sharon Bain has extensive experience with the pediatric population and has honed skills to support parents and teachers of young children. With clear and concise advice and insight, she has helped thousands of adults support children in their most formative years. Her training and style relies on understanding the unique strengths and challenges for each child and then leveraging relationships in the children’s lives to effect change.

Child counseling

Working with children includes working with parents. She does not work with the child in isolation. She also offers parent counseling/advising. A naturally related clinical interest is helping women who are depressed, especially those who are struggling with parenting, marriage or other relationships.

Contact Sharon Bain at – 574-280-8199 Ext 3.