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We collaborate with local media on community issues.

Media and Press Inquiries

We collaborate with local media on community issues.

Media and Press Inquiries


Parent Advising

Are you…

  • worn down by power struggles, whining, or tantrums over routine tasks?
  • discouraged by hassles over the morning routine, meals, homework, or bedtime?
  • finding your diligent parenting efforts back-fire or give only short-term results?

Remove these obstacles and reclaim family harmony with our parent advising service. Receive advice tailored to your child for quick improvement in common parenting struggles. Learn where to focus your energy and move beyond rewards and punishment for enduring change. With a strong track record of results and skills from my clinical work, I will give straight-forward, gimmick-free guidance consistent with your life-style and personality for marked results in most cases within the first week or two of our parent advising/coaching work.

Call 574-280-8199 or write to [email protected]


How is Parent Advising different from family counseling?

With parent advising your child typically does not attend the meeting, although they are welcome and often very helpful. Second, there is no mental disorder diagnosis involved. Third, the focus is on what you as a parent can do to influence your child and family. This service is most utilized by parents of preschoolers or teenagers.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Parent Advising?

No. To ask your insurance to consider coverage, I must declare your child to be disordered, give a diagnosis which is beyond the scope of parent advising, and work directly with your child.