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Dr. Brenda Markert-Green

Dr. Brenda Markert-Green

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Dr. Brenda Markert-Green

Dr. Markert-Green is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of clinical experience who has worked in a wide variety of mental health settings. She uses a collaborative approach to therapy, working from the perspective that clients are the experts of their lives, and that the foundation for assisting clients in meeting their goals is best attained by providing them with a both a supportive and encouraging environment, as well as with the tools that they need but which they may not have at their disposal. Dr. Markert-Green accepts each person as they are and where they are at in their life journey, having the full confidence that they have the capacity and ability to make the changes that they so desire. She understands that there are times when she is the tool in their lives which enables them to see and believe in their potential for change, and which provides them with the courage to move forward in making those changes and in meeting their goals. Working together as a collaborative team provides them with the strength they need to continue making progress when they can’t see their own successes and when they are struggling to believe in themselves, thus providing them with the encouragement to keep trying and to keep going forward. Under Dr. Markert-Green’s therapeutic guidance, clients are never alone in their search for change.