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Specializing in marriage counseling, couples counseling and family relationship issues.

Sharon Bain Interview

Sharon Bain, LCSW

Sharon Bain, LCSW specializes in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, having completed all three levels of training with the Gottman Institute.

Sharon Bain Marriage Therapist

Get to know Sharon Bain, LCSW

With whom do you work well?

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that most of my clients are now women seeking individual adult long-term therapy for help with relationship problems, depression, and/or anxiety resulting from family stress. I also still enjoy having a portion of my practice dedicated to family therapy.

I look forward to, after the vaccine allows me to be in-person with clients again, opening intake appointments for couples interested in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy (having completed all three levels of training with the Gottman Institute).

How do clients change in counseling? What is the mechanism of change? The motivation for change?

I will share a sample the kind of Treatment Plan I might develop for a typical individual adult therapy client who is open to long term treatment:

The client will report/demonstrate decreased depressed mood, increased contentment, energy and decisiveness about decisions for self care, parenting, friendships and work.

Strategies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Relaxation/Meditation/Mindfulness practice and Cognitive Reframing to help decrease negative intrusive thoughts and review time management plans for helpful resource identification and comfort with utilization. Adlerian Lifestyle issues addressed through a “Sensitive Buttons Inventory” r/t personality preferences, and Parent Values which can increase insight into the nature and function of symptoms listed above.

Adlerian Child Guidance resources offered along with Sleep Training/sleep hygiene resources for child and self (Weisbluth, etc.). Reflective Listening to provide support and Adlerian Encouragement for self esteem building through self awareness.

What values do you want to promote at Family Psychology of South Bend and in the community?

I believe we have a unique and important mission to serve clients who are seeking insight-oriented therapy about themselves while also helping them within the context of their family systems.

Why did you choose to work at Family Psychology of South Bend?

Love and therapy as Art/Science/Family work.