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John Petersen

John Petersen

Psychologist specializing in marriage and couples counseling and sex therapy. Outreach focus is the cross section of relationship health and community health.

John Petersen

Recent Posts
Doctor John Petersen WNDU Wellness Wednesdays

WNDU Wellness Wednesday: Maintaining and improving mental health in the New Year

"Clinical psychologist Dr. John Petersen with Family Psychology of South Bend joined us to discuss New Years resolutions and maintaining and improving mental health...

WNDU Wellness Wednesdays John Petersen therapist

Wellness Wednesdays: Eating Disorders

"Clinical psychologist Dr. John Petersen with Family Psychology of South Bend discusses healthy ways to understand and combat eating disorders for this week's Wellness Wednesday...


Perfecting the Morning Routine – Tips for Parents

Would you like to get your children out of bed, fed and off to school on time without nagging, hassling, and threatening them? You deserve a peaceful morning routine as much as your children do...

Young African Am Couple

What Happens in Marriage Counseling?

What To Expect in Couples and Marriage Counseling Family Psychology of South Bend comes from a tradition of clinicians who try to demystify counseling and psychology, thus the straight forward topic of today's article about...

disrespectful child

Disrespectful Child

The article below was first written by Dr. Petersen for and is published by them at It is reproduced here with permission...

Anatomy of a marriage - Family Psychology of South Bend

Anatomy of Marriage

Divorce and marital satisfaction are not in the stars or a matter of luck. They are highly predictable...

Morning Hassles With Your Preschooler

Sick and tired of getting started on the wrong foot with the children in the morning? Tired of herding the children through the morning sequence – out of bed, dressed, fed, school supplies readied? If so, you are in good...