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How to Respond to the Texas Shooting

How to Respond to the Texas Shooting

I was very glad to take time with WSBT reporter Heather Black about the mass shooting in LasVega, a new low for our country as we risk becoming resigned to death by firearms as an acceptable part of our culture. Off camera, Ms Black and I shared concern about the tension inherent in the need to cover this news and the fear of adding to sensationalized headlines that may further our resignation to the perceived inevitability of shootings. We also feared certain kinds of coverage may add to the distrust of each other, contributing to a tendency toward escalation. In the end, Ms. Black chose an angle that included the effects of vivid video coverage of the event.

Looking at the story recently, I am recommitting to be available for interviews about psychological effects of living in violence. As a relationship specialist and clinical psychologist, I am often orienting people toward mutual care and connection in their community.