Heather Blackford, LMHC

Heather focuses on eating disorders and generalized anxiety disorders, helping clients along their path toward a happier, more effective life. Heather received her Master’s at Argosy University in Phoenix.  She’s a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of Indiana.  She’s been in clinical practice since 2010.


Message from Heather Blackford

I specialize in Eating Disorder treatment, and I always have a heart for healing the relationship with food and your body. I also enjoy working with couples and families to repair difficult or hurtful relationships with those you love. I view my clients not as hopeless or crazy, but simply as genuine people going through a rough time in their life, who need a little help finding their path. With patience and understanding, I can help you find yours too, using a family systems framework and teaching skills grounded in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

I integrate spiritual faith into sessions, and provide supportive acceptance of your belief system. I have experience treating individuals with anxiety and depression as well, which are common for people to suffer without knowing quite how to make it better, or if that’s even possible.

I am passionate to help every one of my clients let go of judgment and learn to accept themselves and their imperfections. My energy and enthusiasm for the power of positive thinking are balanced by my ability to meet you where you are with empathy and understanding.

Get to know Heather Blackford, LMHC

What research, teachers, or mentors influenced your work the most? What difference did it make in your work?

One of my professors in graduate school told me that the world didn’t need another her – the world needed me.  She taught me that I have a unique perspective to offer, which means that some clients will connect well with me, and for some it won’t be quite the right fit, and that’s ok.

What is the purpose of your professional work? In other words, why do you do what you do?

I majored in psychology because it was interesting and I had to pick a major.  I decided to make counseling my career after I took a class called Interpersonal Communication, because I realized that all relationships could be improved if the people could communicate well with each other.  I do this work primarily to help people improve the relationships in their lives, because we are wired to be connected socially, and it’s an integral element of good mental health.

What values do you want to promote at Family Psychology of South Bend?

I want to teach individuals, groups, and communities how to have a healthy relationship with food.  I want to end weight stigma and be a voice that counters our image-obsessed diet culture.  I want to support and encourage every person of every size to heal the relationship with their body.

Why did you choose to work at Family Psychology of South Bend?

I was drawn to the Adlerian values that John built into this practice.  I want to be part of community outreach, making mental health available to the general public.  I want to value and appreciate each person’s contributions and celebrate victories, while working collaboratively on strategic goals to overcome obstacles – I like to use this perspective in individual sessions as well.