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Counseling for marriage and couples, family relationships and anxiety

Heather Blackford, LMHC

I specialize in Eating Disorder treatment, and I always have a heart for healing the relationship with food and your body. I also enjoy working with couples and families to repair difficult or hurtful relationships with those you love. I view my clients not as hopeless or crazy, but simply as genuine people going through a rough time in their life, who need a little help finding their path. With patience and understanding, I can help you find yours too, using a family systems framework and teaching skills grounded in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

I integrate spiritual faith into sessions, and provide supportive acceptance of your belief system. I have experience treating individuals with anxiety and depression as well, which are common for people to suffer without knowing quite how to make it better, or if that’s even possible.

I am passionate to help every one of my clients let go of judgment and learn to accept themselves and their imperfections. My energy and enthusiasm for the power of positive thinking are balanced by my ability to meet you where you are with empathy and understanding.