Schedule an Appointment

Here is information on setting up your first appointment at the Family Psychology of South Bend.

We welcome both current and new clients. Please use the following steps to get the fastest service.
However, if at any point you need help, please don’t hesitate to call the office.

You can watch this orientation video before you call to schedule a session.


Steps to setting up your first appointment with Family Psychology of South Bend

Step 1: Complete the client inquiry form

Fill out this form before you speak to our office manager so we can get your paperwork moving and save you time.

Fill out the client inquiry form


Step 2: Review our counselors

Check out our counselors and trust your sense of which counselor is right for you. Research on “goodness of fit” indicates the greatest predictor of efficacy in counseling is your own judgment. If you’d like our recommendation, we can walk you through the choices on a phone call.


Step 3: Speak with the office

After we receive your inquiry form, we’ll call you back within minutes or at a time you suggest. Please allow 8-10 minutes for the call, less if you’ve filled out the inquiry form ahead of time.


Step 4: Sign your online agreements

We will email you a link to set up your client portal, which gives you online access to your counseling agreements. Note you must sign the online agreements within 24 hours to keep your first appointment with your counselor.