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Family Psychology of South Bend works with distressed individuals, hurting couples, and struggling families to help them put their lives and relationships back on track. We specialize in individual counseling for anxiety and depression, marriage and couples counseling, sex therapy, and parenting challenges.


Is your partner emotionaly distant? Has conflict become more hurtful? Is the friendship fading? Have betrayals damaged your trust?

According to decades of research, these are the risk factors for marital dissatifaction and eventual divorce or break up.

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Depression and anxiety can leave you feeling stuck.

The dark thoughts can feel hopeless, robbing you of dreams and wasting away years.
The distress you are feeling is keeping you from living the life you want.

You’ve shown strength and good judgment to get you to this point. We trust you are poised for growth.

The only thing that holds you back is some aspect of growth not yet discovered. Every personality brings blind spots, strengths, and weaknesses.

Our clients grow by leaning on their innate strength as they stretch into areas of new skill and emotional discovery.

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You can fix things now before problems take a larger toll.

Using the soundest, research-based approaches, we help you resolve relationship problems and recapture intimacy.

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You will feel the original love affair that started the marriage.

You can reclaim family harmony by making conflict productive again. Soon, you will be able to trust your judgment and feel safe in your relationship.