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Perpetual Problems

Marriage and couples counselor Trey Duckett discusses recurring relationship conflict and what to do about it.


“Healing Art: Explore Self-Care by Creating a Small Art Booklet” Workshop

Fall ’22 at the Goshen Painters’ Guild— Press Release from the Goshen Painters’ Guild Workshop, Sat., Oct. 15, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (one-hour lunch break) Instructor: Kortney Malone, M.P.S., Professional Art Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Kortney, a practicing art therapist at Family Psychology of South Bend, specializes in recovery from trauma and depression. She is […]

Sex After Dark Panel

Sex After Dark: That event you were embarrassed to go to

Sex After Dark: That event you were embarrassed to go to For years, I have been aware of the annual (except for COVID) Sex After Dark event IUSB Residence Life hosts. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to serve on the panel. I am usually speaking about sex to couples who are […]

Art Therapist Kortney Malone

How Art Helped Me Understand My Sexual Trauma

Are you a survivor of trauma, a health care provider, or a caregiver having experienced vicarious trauma? Have you ever wondered how to embrace your struggles and view them as a form of strength and resiliency? I have also had to answer this question. A survivor of sexual assault in college and child of a […]


Creating Resiliency through Art Workshop

Finding My Voice Project with mixed media accordion-style bookmaking On March 12, 2022, I will lead attendees in a full one-day creative and expressive arts workshop, Creating Resiliency through Art, from 9:00-4:00 at the Goshen Painters Guild. Participating in this event can be where attendees can discover what makes them resilient in the aftermath of […]