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Counseling for marriage and couples, family relationships and anxiety

Through this webzine, Family Psychology of South Bend is joining with like-minded professionals from related fields to share health and wellness information with the South Bend community.

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Heather Blackford Eating Disorders Pandemic

Dr. Petersen interviewed by Dukes about new year

We were happy to contribute to Howard Duke's South Bend Tribune story about the new year in which we all hope to make significant strides away from COVID's hold on us...

Man with depression and anxiety

How does Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) develop?

We who are generally anxious often have developed a posture of alertness, even vigilance for what might become, or already is, out of control...

Sad girl with anxiety

Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder – GAD

Treatments for Generalized Anxiety Disorder include:Counseling for self or relationship to help cultivate trust, rest, and safety...

John Petersen Coronavirus Anxiety in Children

Aftershocks of COVID crisis lead to dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kids

 View original story on WNDU: Local experts see dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kidsIn March and April, we had many media inquiries about a presumed increase in mental health needs as a result of the...


Warning Signs Of Abusive Relationships

  View original WNDU storyLindsay Stone came to my office for an interview on camera about abusive relationships...