With roots in Adlerian Psychology, we have benefitted from generations of practical wisdom that has been supported in decades of subsequent research on parenting and family relationships. Family relationships are a crucible from which the personality and creativity of the child emerge. The parents' struggles are predictable, although they change slightly with the cultural shifts of each generation.  This section of our webzine is an area for us to share some of the timeless practical wisdom we have gleaned from our teachers and clients.

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ABC 57 Interview with Dr. John Petersen

ABC 57 Interview: How to have an open conversation with children about tragedy

The news has been flooded with violence. In the past month alone, the United States has had 45 mass shootings...

John Petersen Coronavirus Anxiety in Children

Aftershocks of COVID crisis lead to dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kids

View original story on WNDU: Local experts see dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kids In March and...

Back to School

Back to school is the perennial Fall topic that is well worth the attention it gets.

Original WNDU news story: Back To School The new school year is the childhood New Year with all the pristine hopes and...