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Specializing in marriage counseling, couples counseling and family relationship issues.


With roots in Adlerian Psychology, we have benefitted from generations of practical wisdom that has been supported in decades of subsequent research on parenting and family relationships. Family relationships are a crucible from which the personality and creativity of the child emerge. The parents' struggles are predictable, although they change slightly with the cultural shifts of each generation.  This section of our webzine is an area for us to share some of the timeless practical wisdom we have gleaned from our teachers and clients.

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Raising Children

Hidden Hazard of Parenting Chronically Ill Children

If your child has a chronic and/or life-threatening illness, you’ve been forced into an awkward and harsh world of weighing risk factors and treatment-outcome odds at a level unfamiliar to most parents...

mother and daughter

Encourage, Don’t Praise Your Child

We parents want to give or children high self-esteem and teach them to distinguish right from wrong. We’ve accepted the fact that too much criticism and punishment can breed resentment and is less effective than rewards...

Natural and Logical Consequences

The Goal of using consequences is to help our children learn self-discipline by allowing them to make choices and to be responsible for the results of those choices. 583