Eryn Shoup, LSW

Eryn’s professional focus includes children, teens/adolescents, mothers, and families navigating anxiety and depression, transition, and loss.  


She is passionate about advocacy and support for children who are neuro-divergent or experience developmental or cognitive delays. This stems from her community work and her experience of autism in her extended family.

Eryn’s counseling approach, under the mentorship and supervision of Sharon Bain, emphasizes Adlerian Therapy to help people regain their sense of self and adjust better to life’s changes. Her other influences include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, as well as aspects of Viktor Frankl’s work.

Eryn finished her Masters Degree in Social Work through Florida State University in 2022.

Get to know Eryn Shoup

With whom (type of client) do you work well?

I enjoy working with individuals who see the value of establishing positive change in their lives and relationships. I have always appreciated working with a diverse client population. I value the opportunity to learn about and learn from the unique stories and experiences each client brings with them.

What research, teachers, or mentors influenced your work the most? What difference did it make in your work?

I have had the privilege of working with strong female mentors who, while attaining great professional accomplishments, place priority on their home and personal lives. These examples of balance, skill, and love have helped me to understand myself and my role in the counseling room.

What is the purpose of your professional work? In other words, why do you do what you do?

I find great joy in working with people to understand their concerns, and uncover the skills and strengths they possess to address these same concerns. Empowering individuals and families to pursue the harmony and freedom they desire is exciting to me each and every day.

What values do you want to promote at Family Psychology of South Bend?

The values and ideas I feel will inform my practice at Family Psychology include competence, transparency, trust, authenticity, hospitality, and respect for the dignity of clients.

What values do you want to promote in the community?

Ideas and realities I am interested in promoting in the lives of my clients and in the broader community include: flourishing families, life giving relationships, meaningful living, acting with confidence, and experiences of compassion and generosity towards themselves and others.

Why did you choose to work at Family Psychology of South Bend?

Family Psychology is committed to authentic relationships both in the counseling room with clients and among staff. It is my sense that real connection is the fundamental building block of positive change and personal progress. I have found the priority placed on relationship at Family Psychology to be a gift, and I expect that clients will as well.