Aftershocks of COVID crisis lead to dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kids


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Local experts see dramatic spike in anxiety, depression in kids

In March and April, we had many media inquiries about a presumed increase in mental health needs as a result of the virus and shut downs. At that time, we had fewer inquiries and our established clients seemed to be drawing on their resources as we all do in a crisis. Turning toward our loved ones, leaning on our faith traditions or confidence in the human spirit to persevere, getting in touch with nature. Wheile we still turn to these to buffer stress and sustain us, the most difficult time is often after the crisis. The after-shock and delays in school openings seem to have brought a wave of anxiety disorders and people feeling trapped by unknowns. Many young adults and adolescents have a sinking feeling they are falling behind or that the fruits of years of hard work are lost as the idle their lives until COVID passes. But when will that be?

Lindsay Stone has her finger on the pulse of our local community’s health. We were happy to be able to contribute to her report on recent uptick in emotional distress in young people.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – We know it’s been stressful over the last six months and it’s been especially stressful for our children. Local experts are seeing a drastic increase in parents reaching out to them for help dealing with their children’s anxiety and depression. We’re digging deeper to discover the warning signs and what parents can do to help.

“Adults are feeling this, kids are feeling this, it’s a feeling of unsettlement,” said Dr. Jagadeesh Reddy, a Child Psychiatrist with Beacon Medical Group Behavioral Health.

Dr. Reddy is seeing a big surge in anxiety and depression among young people.

“It’s very tricky to identify in young kids and teenagers,” Dr. Reddy said. “They won’t come up to you and say they’re anxious or feeling different. As a parent, you have to be careful about what your kids are going through.”