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Here you can read about various aspects of coupled relationships: conflict, emotional connection, trust, communication, sex, finances, etc.

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Why Did the Affair Happen?

Infidelity creates waves of disorientation in a marriage. The betrayed spouse may describe the aftermath as an earthquake that shakes them to their core, tears them down, and leaves them with a surge of emotions. Being flooded with these emotions creates confusion and a struggle even to begin processing the event.

How Relational Health Correlates with Happiness

Changing just one thing to be happier sounds too good to be true. Dr. Robert Waldinger completed an interview to share the findings from his substantial research on happiness.

The Anxiety After an Affair

I see many couples in the midst of overcoming infidelity in their relationship. Couples seek therapy in hopes of rebuilding their trust and connection to regain what they once had. In these circumstances, I have consistently witnessed a specific factor that prevents both partners from properly healing – the anxiety after an affair. What follows […]

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Talking about Sex in Your Marriage

No one reads this advice with complete shock. People have read this recommendation in books, been told by a friend, or heard this advice from their therapist.

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Perpetual Relationship Problems

Marriage and couples counselor Trey Duckett discusses recurring relationship conflict and what to do about it.