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The Power of Listening

We think in stories and metaphors, habitually ascribing personal meaning to our experiences. Describing yourself in terms of occupation, relationship status, age, and so forth is not so personal.

Art Therapist Kortney Malone

How Art Helped Me Understand My Sexual Trauma

Are you a survivor of trauma, a health care provider, or a caregiver having experienced vicarious trauma? Have you ever wondered how to embrace your struggles and view them as a form of strength and resiliency? I have also had to answer this question. A survivor of sexual assault in college and child of a […]


Creating Resiliency through Art Workshop

Finding My Voice Project with mixed media accordion-style bookmaking On March 12, 2022, I will lead attendees in a full one-day creative and expressive arts workshop, Creating Resiliency through Art, from 9:00-4:00 at the Goshen Painters Guild. Participating in this event can be where attendees can discover what makes them resilient in the aftermath of […]