Creating Resiliency through Art Workshop

Finding My Voice Project with mixed media accordion-style bookmaking


Art Therapist Kortney Malone

On March 12, 2022, I will lead attendees in a full one-day creative and expressive arts workshop, Creating Resiliency through Art, from 9:00-4:00 at the Goshen Painters Guild. Participating in this event can be where attendees can discover what makes them resilient in the aftermath of trauma in a safe and comforting environment.

I am an Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Family Psychology of South Bend. I have partnered with the Goshen Painters Guild to put on this art workshop.

As a Mixed Media Artist, I use various materials to display themes found in my own healing journey from sexual trauma. I especially love working with my community as it brings to life human connection and a shared ability to foster social and emotional change.

I found a home for myself as an artist to work and grow in my community by becoming a member of the Goshen Painters Guild. This place welcomes new ideas and supports my vision to create expressive arts workshops to reach the community outside of a clinical art therapy model.


Previous Art Therapy Workshop With Kortney Malone

Entrance-goshen-painters-guildThe Goshen Painters Guild and I are excited about collaborating to share where resiliency can promote mental wellness and community connection. The guild is an active group of artists that invests in its community and appreciates personal expression in a supportive environment. Many of its members create art, working in representational to abstract styles of painting, as well as watercolor, acrylics, oils, collage, and mixed media.

I am enamored by how guild members have a passion for supporting artistic expression and community engagements. Goshen painters guild foster community enrichment and creative change during art shows at Goshen First Fridays, Arts On The Millrace, and classes for all ages throughout the year, including children’s classes, run by Amanda Wagner of Young At Art. Adults of the Michiana area who want an expressive arts outlet can experience what the guild offers by attending our March 12th workshop.

Denise Potter, a guild member, artist, and former art teacher, plans to attend the workshop. She and I discussed what inspires her to create. She too identifies with its members and classes; the painter’s guild supports creative expression and mental wellness using community outreach. She shares:

I’ve always believed making art calmed me. Some people worry about making something pretty or perfect. We value other people’s opinions when we should treasure our own. But, I believe the act of creating is where the magic happens. The process of letting the paint flow from the brush or the mallet hit the chisel to carve slashes on the hard surface is where the feelings rise. That’s why I was so happy to meet Kortney Malone at our guild! As an Art Therapist, I knew she understood how making art could help you process feelings and come out stronger.

In her upcoming class with us, Creating Resiliency through Art, I know I will learn more ways to feel the emotions that hide beneath the surface. I can feel the feelings and let them go in the art. I appreciate that Kortney is willing to reach out to our local painters to teach them these skills. I also love being a part of a group of artists at the painter’s guild. Our classes build relationships with the attendees and members where I feel like we impact our community. We get to encourage people to express themselves freely through art in a safe and supportive place!

The Goshen Painters Guild and I welcome anyone that seeks to tell with art their own stories of trauma and strength by attending my workshop. Attendees will learn how to create two-sided handmade books with several folds and minimal stitching to help unfold personal narratives about living and gaining resiliency in the aftermath of various traumas. Experiential learning, grounding skills, and optional sharing of unique creations in a group dynamic will be a part of this workshop. Group discussion may include defining themes of being a victim, survivor, and thriver. Resiliency will be a core theme to focus on, moving beyond limiting traumatic beliefs.

To learn more and register for Creating Resiliency through Art Workshop, go to or email Kortney Malone your questions at [email protected].

The Goshen Painters Guild is located at 212 W. Washington, Suite 16 Goshen, IN 46526.

Disclaimer: This expressive arts workshop is not to be used as a form of formal mental health treatment. Encouragement is strongly given that participants have a secure understanding of their traumas support system and can self-regulate if a trigger is experienced.