Wellness Wednesdays: Eating Disorders


“Clinical psychologist Dr. John Petersen with Family Psychology of South Bend discusses healthy ways to understand and combat eating disorders for this week’s Wellness Wednesday.”

– Lindsay Stone, WNDU News Anchor

When Lindsay Stone and I agreed the February Wellness Wednesday topic could be a jump start for the Eating Disorders Awareness week in late February, I immediately consulted our Eating Disorders Specialist Heather Blackford, MA, who also is heading our outreach for the awareness week. Heather and I considered what would be most useful to share in a short TV format. What is the basic information the public should have and what message would have the biggest impact on public health and cultural shift?

Come As You Are! is the body acceptance rally cry and is a step toward health for all of us. The topic of body acceptance will open up many conversations around our cultural over emphasis on youthfulness, beauty, strength, and self control – the seeds of the disease process in eating disorders. Join the national conversation.