“Healing Art: Explore Self-Care by Creating a Small Art Booklet” Workshop

Fall ’22 at the Goshen Painters’ Guild— Press Release from the Goshen Painters’ Guild

Workshop, Sat., Oct. 15, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (one-hour lunch break)
Instructor: Kortney Malone, M.P.S., Professional Art Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Kortney, a practicing art therapist at Family Psychology of South Bend, specializes in recovery from trauma and depression. She is also a teaching member of the Goshen Painters’ Guild. In providing this workshop to the community, she offers guidance to those who want to explore self-care through the creative process.

To accomplish this, she will show you how to create a small, accordian-style booklet filled with your expressive art. Combined with reflection, again guided by Kortney, you will then journey inward to a place of self-care where you can find resilience and healing from past mental or emotional blocks.

Former participants in this workshop say the experience has enhanced both their creativity and their mental health, and that they have appreciated this rare opportunity to be mentored by a professional art therapist for a few special hours.

(Group discussion throughout the day is optional, but strongly recommended.)

Note/Disclaimer: This workshop in the expressive arts is not to be used as formal mental health treatment; participants should have a secure understanding of their mental health support system and be able to self-regulate if a trigger is experienced.

Tuition: $108, 20% less for Members, 10% less for Associate Members.

Register online with credit card or Paypal at www.goshenpaintersguild.org or register by mail (address on Guild website) and write name of class on memo line.

For questions contact Julie Barth (574) 596-3991.

Materials list available at Guild website).

Est. Cost of materials: $30

Register by Monday, Oct. 10.


About Kortney Malone

Kortney  Malone,MPS, LMHC has provided a handful of art workshops, including Survive To Thrive in partnership with Elkhart Art League and Victim’s Assistance of Elkhart County and Creating Resiliency Through Art with the Goshen Painters’ Guild, in the Michiana area to support mental well-being, reduce stigma, and encourage beyond survivorship of trauma. This current workshop truly supports the outreach efforts of Family Psychology Of South Bend to engage our local mental health community offering creative ways to care for oneself and strengthen connections inclusive to all walks of life. In support of this effort, Goshen Painters’ Guild fosters community enrichment and creative change for all ages within multiple events and venues locally and regionally. Adults of the Michiana area who want an expressive arts outlet can experience what the guild offers by attending our October 15th workshop.