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Young African Am Couple

What Happens in Marriage Counseling?

What To Expect in Couples and Marriage Counseling Family Psychology of South Bend comes from a tradition of clinicians who try to demystify counseling and psychology, thus ...

disrespectful child
Anatomy of a marriage - Family Psychology of South Bend

Anatomy of Marriage

Divorce and marital satisfaction are not in the stars or a matter of luck. They are highly predictable. In fact it is embarrassingly rare for ...

Morning Hassles With Your Preschooler

Sick and tired of getting started on the wrong foot with the children in the morning? Tired of herding the children through the morning sequence ...

Raising Children

Hidden Hazard of Parenting Chronically Ill Children

If your child has a chronic and/or life-threatening illness, you’ve been forced into an awkward and harsh world of weighing risk factors and treatment-outcome odds ...

Great sex

Great Monogamous Sex: Advice for Straight Married Men

If you are a straight married man and looking for a little concrete advice for achieving mind-blowing sex, keep reading. You’ve stumbled onto the right ...

Ratios predicting divorce and marital dissatisfaction

Ratios Predicting Divorce and Marital Dissatisfaction

When we make a commitment to our partner, our usual expectation is that our relationship will last for life and that our love will see ...

Emotional unavailability in couples

Emotional Unavailability – When Your Partner Can’t Connect

When we commit to a relationship, we usually expect that our partner will reciprocate with roughly the same level of emotional involvement that we put ...